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This Website is Printer Friendly

There is no need to visit a special Printer Friendly version of any of the pages here at because all of the pages are Printer Friendly. 

This is done through the use of style sheets.  Everyting except the Content of the page is prevented from being displayed when sent to your printer.  This saves you time because you don't have to download a second (printer friendly) copy of the document you want to print, before you can print it.  It saves you paper, too, because you don't end up printing parts of the page which, while useful in your browser, are meaninless once printed. 

Of course, if your browser does not use visual style sheets (Don't worry: the latest versions of Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, IE, and AOL do use them), or if you are using a text only browser, then both the page content, and navigation links, will print.  However, this site was designed with text browsers (and speech browsers for that matter) in mind, and the information you print will come out in a logical order.  You, too, be happy with the printing results. 

So, go print away on any page which you want in hardcopy — it will be come out of your printer looking very presentable. 

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