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 hmmm  is my old website.  It has some things not available on the new site, but you may find it frustrating as it is confusing on purpose as a parody of the websites that were around when I made it.  I stopped developing it Fall of 2000. 

I am a website designer, among other things.  As in the rest of my life I try and focus on quality.  I offer design, hosting, and domain name registration packages.  Please visit my  webdesign  section to see if my design philosophy and skills are compatible with your website needs. 

“What’s Pear Pie?”, you ask.  Pear Pie was a password and is now a domain name.  I came up with it while trying to think of a good password I could use on everything (as it is now my domain, I no longer use it as a password).  When I came up with it I knew these things:  First, I had never heard of anyone eating or making a  pie with pears  in it.  A pie recipe with apples or blackberries, sure — but pears?  Never.  Second, I still know the digits of Pi out to nearly 20 digits (e.g. 3.1415926535897932384… off the top of my head just now) from when I memorized it in fifth grade.  I could make any length password by starting with the word “pear” (either upper or lower case) and just add an arbitrary number of digits of pi to the end (Pear31415926...).  All I would have to remember is how long the password was, and since it was a meaningless phrase it would be a tough password to guess.  Later (on Earth Day, 2000), when I went looking for a domain, my first choice ( was already taken.  I wanted a domain which was short enough and simple enough to say without confusion.  So, I chose  because it is only seven letters. 

… All the freaky people make the beauty of the world … 
• Michael Franti & Spearhead – "Stay Human (all the freaky people)", from Stay Human 


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