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 Free Space Icons 

(you will need  WinZip  or some other .zip file utility to use (unzip) these files

This  Icon Collection  was made by Zachariah Heyer.   They  took a few months in between college work and this second edition was finished 1/17/97 Using Microangelo Master Edition, and then  Microangelo 98  found at  Impact Software  (awsesome program). 


What is this? 

This is a  collection of icons  of pictures of outer space gathered from sites on the Internet (without permission, but an infinite amount of unvoiced thanks - and hopefully any images I used which I needed permission for, the owner of the images will  email me  to give me permission, and FYI to all those interested out there,  NASA images don't require permission  in general).  Mostly  from: the  STScl/HST Pictures , back when it was the Observatorium Image Gallery. 

Please feel free to distribute the  icon files  for pleasure. 

These  icons  are  open source  in the  sense  described at .  I believe in free exchange of absolutely all information, and I don't want these icons incorporated into a proprietary project. 

These  icons  are best viewed in High or True color mode.  There are 3 sizes within each icon.  16x16 will appear if you view small icons or list.  32x32 is the default Windows 95 or NT setting.   These  icons are best viewed in 48x48 format, which can be selected using IE4 desktop enhancement "use large Icons" setting, or with Microangelo Engineer, found at  Impact software  (awsesome program). 

Click  HERE  to download the entire collection {255 KB} in a  zipped  file

Solar System Icon Library includes these pictures: 
Sun astrology, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Venus Topography, Volcano on Venus Maat Mons, Blue Marble, Earth and Moon, Earth, Moon 2, Moon, Mars 2, Mars 3, Mars, IO 1, IO 2, IO 3, IO 4, Jupiter Left, Jupiter Right, Saturn and Family, Saturn, Miranda, Uranus, 2, Uranus, Uranus Sliver, Uranus True Color, Neptune 2, Neptune, Artists Pluto, Pluto and Charon Round, Pluto and Charon, comet halebopp, comet kohoutek, comet west, Galileo - person, Happy Blue, Happy Yellow, M 100, Moon shortcut, Question Mark Shortcut, Saturn V rocket, Solar System star shortcut, & Zac Heyer 1-97
In that order. 

other space icons Icon Library includes: 
Artists Black Hole Round, Artists Black Hole, Asteroid, Cartwheel galaxy 1, Cartwheel galaxy 2, CatEye Galaxy, comet halebopp, comet kohoutek, comet west, Galileo - person, Globular cluster m55, Happy Blue, Happy Yellow, Horsehead Nebula, hourglass nebula, M 100 core, M 100 2, M 100, M 101, Moon shortcut, Nova Cygni 1992, pillar in m16, Question Mark Shortcut, Saturn V rocket, Solar System, star shortcut, stars, & Supernova 1987 A
In that order. 

Also included in this set: 
Animated cursors (Moon singing.ani, Moon in hat.ani, MOON.ANI, orbit moon.ani)
and 1 regular cursor
(I made the rainbow arrow and the lava animated cursor. I heavily edited the raindrop arrow, and the ball animated cursors). 

a bitmap of the Pleiades which you can tile as your background. 

I recomend  MoonPhase  : a shareware tray program (by  Locutus Codeware ) which displays the current phase of the moon. 

When you are caught in a war in which the great powers have huge weapons and complete control of the mass media, you have to do something extraordinary to make yourself heard.  Without access to radio, television, or the press, you have to create new ways to help the world understand the situation you are in.  Self-immolation can be such a means.  If you do it with love, you act very much as Jesus did on the cross and as Ghandi did in India. 
•  Thich Nhat Hanh ,  page 82 of Living Buddha, Living Christ 

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