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Print Your Rights !

These files are the Booklet and Flyer versions of  Know Your Rights ! , a primer on your American civil rights and how to use them, which was originally published by the Berkeley Copwatch organization. 

These, when printed, fit on one sheet of paper if you use both sides of it. 

You probably want to right-click or shift-click and save these.  That way you don't need to wait for them to load within your browser, and then once they are on your local machine, you can print them out and give them away! 

Normal Flyer

First, is the Adobe Acrobat version of the  Know Your Rights ! Flyer  for which you will need the Free Acrobat reader to print or view this document.  The reader is available at 

Or, if you prefer, this is a M$ Word 2000 version of the  Know Your Rights ! Flyer .  If you do not have Word, you may download a viewer at 

Booklet Version

Second, is the Adobe Acrobat version of the  Know Your Rights ! Booklet .  This version prints as a two sided piece of paper which you can fold into a booklet. 

Or, if you prefer, this is the M$ Word 2000 version of the same  Know Your Rights ! Booklet 

If there is a format which you recomend I convert this document to, please  let me know 

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