agreat place to start !!

Want to Read Some Things to make You Think?
Here is a page for almost all!

Download a big psychedelic tile-able {able to be tiled} Picture

Go to these crazy sites and you will not come back:

Rory's [no longer there :( , or anywhere? - actually it was archived at],

Everyone needs to be healed,

the United Nations,

Jake's an all around, person,

GOES Hot Stuff,
Make Windows Beautiful with Wulfert !!
Esperanto Access, Entering Paranoid Central [no longer there :( , or anywhere?],
Universität Göttingen,
The Hans Zimmer Worship Page - Guest Book,
Edit Sound, Cool,
People Do
Electronic Text Center -- University of Virginia,
Style Sheets Reference, guess they're real useful,
Edit Pad is a wonderful replacement for Windows 9x Notepad.exe. Don't forget to send the postcard!,
ray bradbury - a sound of thunder. thanks to Dr. William (Bill) B. Snavely for illicitly hosting this document,